UnicumBact + Boron (B)

Highly concentrated liquid extract in the form of an organic boron complex with monoethanolamine. Developed to eliminate boron deficiency during foliar feeding of crops.


180  UAH / liter

Container: canister

Capacity: 1L, 5L, 10L, 20L

Shipment directly from the factory in the original container!

* The price is indicated for 1 liter when ordering from 1 ton



  Element Mass 
part, g/l 
Bor B2O5  up to 50
Phosphorus P2O5 to 23.4
Potassium K2O up to 1.5
Nitrogen N up to 28.4
Humic acids   up to 55.7
pH   7.6

Regulations of introduction and method of application:

 Culture Processing method  Fertilizer consumption rate 
Cereals Budding, period of bean formation 2.0 - 2.5 l/ha
Corn Phase 6-8 leaves - shedding panicle 2.0 - 2.5 l/ha
Sunflower The phase of 3-4 pairs of leaves is the "star" phase 2.0 - 2.5 l/ha
Winter Rape From the beginning of germination of seedlings to the beginning of fruit ripening 2.0 - 2.5 l/ha
Fruit berries The beginning of the formation of ripening fruits 2.5 - 3.0 l/ha

Effect of fertilizer:

  • Increases the resistance of plants to fungal, bacterial and viral diseases;
  • Increases the oiliness of sunflower seeds and increases the number of seeds in the basket;
  • Contributes to the rapid growth of green mass, the development of young tissues, the formation of corn cobs, the filling of grains and an increase in their mass;
  • Increases the elasticity of fibers, reduces the cracking of rapeseed stalks in the event of a sudden temperature change;
  • Increases the sugar content of beets.