New generation bioorganic
fertilizer "UnicumBact"

From the official manufacturer without intermediaries

Natural ecologically pure product of deep
processing of a mix on the basis of biohumus (vermicompost)
on special technology.

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No leaching!

*The consumption and growth data are based on a study of the effect of concentrate on grains, technical and oil crops

Balance between price and quality!

Experimental data on crop growth
by regions of Ukraine

According to the results of research and field experiments conducted in various regions
of Ukraine, it was proven that the unique bioorganic fertilizer "UnicumBact" works on different
soils, even in extreme conditions.

It has no analogues!


What is the uniqueness of "UnicumBact"?

"UnicumBact" - developed thanks to innovative technology of processing of initial components with preservation of unique live microflora which understands language of plants

Maximum activates the plant genome

Preserves and increases soil fertility

Has a sorption function

Has moisture-retaining ability

Restores plants after damage

Reduces plant morbidity

Reduces the ripening period

Improves the quality, taste and preservation of the crop

Has no analogues!



A complete set of humic and fulvic acids

Macro and microelements in easily digestible (chelated) form

Biologically active substances (amino acids, vitamins, hormones and enzymes)

Unique bacterial (living) microflora

Balance between price and quality!

Experimental data on yield growth
by regions of Ukraine

According to the results of research and field experiments conducted in different regions of
Ukraine, it was proved that the unique bioorganic fertilizer "UnicumBact" works on different
soils, even in extreme conditions.

Has no analogues!

Experimental data

Winter wheat

Pre-sowing treatment of seeds
(seeds treated with UnicumBact Seed)
Dnipropetrovsk region.
Date of sowing: 23.10.2020
Results on: 24.11.2020

Winter wheat

Foliar feeding in autumn
Zhytomyr region, Popilnyansky district
Date of sowing: 29.09.2020 (seeds treated with UnicumBact Seed)
Date of foliar feeding in autumn: 25.10.2020
Result on: 03.04.2021

Winter barley

Pre-sowing treatment of seeds
(seeds treated with UnicumBact Seed)
Zaporizhia region
Date of sowing: 09.10.20
Results on: 19.11.20

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With love for the native land

Any drug of foreign origin is unable to understand the problems of our soils, in its own

turn bioorganic fertilizer "UnicumBact" made from raw materials of family origin,

fully understands the language of Ukrainian soils, affects fertility and, consequently, the receipt

maximum growth of ecologically clean harvest

Reduction of mineral fertilizers by 15-20% for the second or third year after

application of "UnicumBact".


Starting materials

Biohumus (vermicompost)  is a product of processing organic waste by red California worm. The value of biohumus in the content of nutrients, humic and fulvic acids, as well as the increased content of water-soluble forms of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, the presence of natural microorganisms and enzymes

Humic acids:

1. Develop soil microflora

2. Is a unique natural growth stimulant

3. Have a moisture-retaining ability

4. Concentrate near the root system of inorganic components of the soil - macronutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium), trace elements (iron, zinc, copper, manganese, boron, molybdenum)

5. Increase the digestibility of trace elements by 70-85% by facilitating their transportation into the plant cell

Fulvic acids  - increase the migration capacity of elements in the earth's crust. Due to the relatively small size of fulvic acid molecules can easily penetrate into the roots of plants, stems and leaves, making useful trace elements.

UBM  - a unique bacterial microflora is a complex of "smart" living bacteria that activate the plant genome

Biologically active substances  - amino acids, hormones, vitamins. The presence of these substances in the seeds indicates their important role in the germination and development of the plant.

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How does it work?

Yield increase from 20%

Bioorganic fertilizer "UnicumBact" - the best choice for growing:

Cereals >Oilseeds >Bean >Vegetables >Fruit and Flowers >

Successfully used in organic farming, greenhouses, drip irrigation

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Agro-Svit LLC is a Ukrainian company-manufacturer of products for agricultural enterprises, which aims to increase the profitability of crop production on the basis of highly efficient modern technologies and preserve soil fertility of Ukraine.

Our products are not analogous to other means. We managed to achieve uniqueness. The products work both separately from other agrochemicals and together, without conflicting with each other, but, on the contrary, increase the effectiveness of the drugs used.

We can say with confidence that our products are worthy of attention. We draw conclusions based on real feedback from our customers, who, after its application, really confirmed that they have increased the volume and quality of the crop, saved from adverse effects (drought, "chemical stress", infection with pathogens and root parasites, etc.).

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