«UnicumBact universal»

Complex highly effective concentrate for pre-sowing seed treatment


174 UAH / liter

Container: canister

Capacity: 1 l, 5 l, 10 l, 20 l

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* The price is indicated for 1 liter when ordering from 1 ton



  Element Mass 
part, g/l 
Nitrogen  up to 20
Phosphorus P2O5 up to 18
Potassium K2O to 6
Humic acids   up to 55
Fulvic acids   up to 30
Density   1,1
pH   8.5
  • Complete set of humic and fulvic acids;
  • Macro and microelements in an easily digestible form;
  • Vitamins and enzymes;
  • Unique living bacterial microflora that reveals the genetic potential of plants by 100%

Regulations of introduction and method of application:

 Culture Processing method  Fertilizer consumption rate 
Winter and spring wheat, winter and spring barley, winter rye The budding phase
The tube exit phase
The milky-waxy phase
2.0 - 2.5 l/ha
 Corn Phase 3-4 leaves
Phase 5-7 leaves 
2.0 - 2.5 l/ha
 Sunflower Phase 2-3 leaves
Phase 4-5 leaves
2.0 - 2.5 l/ha
Winter and spring rape, mustard Spring phase of stemming 
Phase of budding before flowering
Phase of pod formation
Autumn phase 4 - 6 leaves
2.0 - 2.5 l/ha
Soy, peas Phase 1-2 trefoils
Phase three trefoils
Phase 4-5 trefoils
2.0 - 2.5 l/ha

How to protect, increase and improve crop quality?

The use of bioorganic fertilizers is the key to a consistently high yield. Bioorganic fertilizers "UnicumBact" with unique components accompany the plant at all stages of growth and development (full cycle), from the creation of favorable conditions in the soil to the time of harvest.

Bioorganic fertilizer "UnicumBact" is a unique liquid highly effective environmentally friendly organic fertilizer for root and foliar fertilization.

Application method

Root and foliar feeding is carried out using standard special equipment with the addition of adhesive. Preparation of the working solution per 1 ha: 2 l of UnicumBact fertilizer is dissolved in 200 l of water. Spraying or watering is carried out in the morning or in the evening at an air temperature of 10–25С, air speed up to 5 m / s. Can be used in drip irrigation systems.

Fertilizer action:

  • Maximally activates the energy potential of culture;
  • Has fungicidal and bactericidal properties;
  • Increases immunity against stressful conditions (cold spring, frost, drought);
  • Blocks the entry of carcinogens, radionuclides and heavy metals into the plant;
  • Helps accelerate the process of plant pollination due to the content of substances that attract insects;
  • Increases productivity due to increase in weight of the grown fruits and plants, reduces the period of full ripening;
  • Improves the quality, taste and safety of the crop;
  • Increases gluten and protein content in wheat grains
  • Increases the oil content of sunflower seeds