UnicumBact bioorganic fertilizer application rates


  • by means of unique microflora and a full complex of microcells provides high-grade food of plants;
  • activates the potential of oilseeds, increasing yields, even when grown on poor soils;
  • increases immunity against stressful situations (cold spring, frost, drought), suppresses Alternaria, lupus, false powdery mildew, phomosis, blackleg, gray and white rot;
  • at foliar feeding compensates for the lack of nutrients caused by weather and climatic conditions, soil and chemical factors, activates biological activity, causes intensive growth and development;
  • increases the number of flowers in rape, increases the size of sunflower baskets, improves the fullness and oiliness of grains;

Pre-sowing treatment of seeds with bioorganic
fertilizer "UnicumBactSeed"

When preparing the working solution add liquid fertilizer "UnicumBactSeed" based on the ratio of 2 liters. fertilizers per 10-15 liters. water and adhesive for 1 ton of seeds. Possible joint use with disinfectants. Treated seeds should be dried or sown immediately after processing.

Pre-planting application in the soil 4-4,5 l / ha

Foliar spraying

Culture Growth and development phase >Fertilizer consumption rate The effect of fertilizer
  Pre-sowing seed treatment 2 l / t (UnicumBact Seed) Accelerates and increases germination
Sunflower Phase 2-3 pairs of leaves 2-2.5 l / ha (UnicumBact) stimulation of rooting, development of shoots and leaf apparatus
Phase 4-5 pairs of leaves 2-2.5 l / ha (UnicumBact) Promoting the formation of full-fledged baskets
Winter and spring rape, mustard Autumn phase of 4-6 leaves (for winter rape) 2-2.5 l / ha (UnicumBact) Preparation of plants for winter, accumulation of nutrients
Spring phase of stalking 2-2.5 l / ha (UnicumBact) Enhancement of photosynthesis, leaf formation
Budding phase before flowering 2-2.5 l / ha (UnicumBact) Stimulating flowering and branching plants
The phase of pod formation 2-2.5 l / ha (UnicumBact) Pouring seeds, improving their quality

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