«UnicumBact Seed»

Complex highly effective concentrate for pre-sowing seed treatment


UAH 294 / liter

Container: canister

Capacity: 1L, 5L, 10L, 20L

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* The price is indicated for 1 liter when ordering from 1 ton



  Element Mass 
part, g/l 
Nitrogen  up to 16
Phosphorus P2O5 up to 18
Potassium K2O up to 12
Humic acids   up to 40
Fulvic acids   up to 30
Density   1.3
pH   8.5
  • Biologically active substances
  • Complete set of humic and fulvic acids;
  • Macro and microelements in an easily digestible form;
  • Vitamins and enzymes;
  • Unique living bacterial microflora that reveals the genetic potential of plants by 100%

Pre-sowing and pre-planting treatment:

 Culture Processing method  Fertilizer consumption rate 
 Oil Pre-sowing seed treatment  2 l/t
 Cereals Pre-sowing seed treatment   1 l/t
 Beans Pre-sowing seed treatment  1 l/t
 Vegetables Soaking the root system of seedlings 1l/50l of water (soaking for 2 hours)
Fruit and berry, flowers Processing of seedlings for 1/3 length of cuttings 1 l/50 l of water (soaking for 2-4 hours)

How to achieve a record harvest?

One of the most important factors is a strong, protected seed that germinates faster and gives strong even germination. Also the availability of elements in the soil near the root zone at the time of germination.

The mechanism of processing is enveloping, creation of comfortable microzones for high-grade food of seeds and shift of balance towards increase of energy of growth. One of the most important components of participation in this mechanism is the unique bacterial component of bioorganic fertilizers "UnicumBact Seed" , which "programs" the plant to increase yields.

Understanding the language of plants, a unique liquid highly concentrated environmentally friendly bioorganic fertilizer for pre-sowing seed treatment "UnicumBact Seed" was developed .

Application method

The seeds are treated in the standard way. Preparation of the working solution per 1 ton of seeds: 1 liter of liquid concentrate "UnicumBact Seed" (for oilseeds -2 liters of liquid concentrate) is dissolved in 10-15 liters of water and adhesive. Treated seeds should be dried or sown immediately after processing. The fertilizer must be shaken before use.

Fertilizer action:

  • Accelerates and increases by 70% the germination and emergence of friendly seedlings;
  • Strengthens the immunity and stress resistance of plants;
  • Suppresses bacterial and fungal diseases;
  • Assimilation of nutrients 70-85%, due to well-developed additional and lateral roots;
  • Maximally activates the energy potential of culture;
  • Significantly increases yields even when grown on depleted soils and in adverse conditions