UnicumBact bioorganic fertilizer application rates

Fruit and berry flowers

  • provides high survival of seedlings and seedlings, promotes rapid rooting of cuttings;
  • with the help of unique microflora and a full range of trace elements provides complete nutrition of trees and shrubs;
  • activates the potential, increasing yields even when grown on poor soils in adverse conditions;
  • increases immunity against stressful situations (cold spring, frost, drought);
  • suppresses powdery mildew, scab, fruit and gray rot, spotting;
  • when foliar fertilization compensates for the lack of nutrients caused by weather and climatic conditions, soil and chemical factors;
  • activates biological activity, causes intensive growth and development, stimulates fruiting;
  • improves the organoleptic properties of products, prevents the accumulation of nitrates, increases the amount of vitamins, sugars and aromatic substances in berries.
  • increases immunity against stressful situations (transplantation into pots, temperature fluctuations, etc.);
  • causes active growth, abundant flowering, having a complex effective and beneficial effect on the flower;
  • enhances the intensity of leaf color, improves the decorative appearance and variety of flowers;
  • promotes increase in diameter of flowers, their growth on bushes;
  • stimulates long and lush flowering.

Pre-planting application in the soil 4-4,5 l / ha

Culture Growth and development phase Fertilizer consumption rate
Grape Processing of seedlings on 1/3 of length of cuttings 5l / 50l of water Soaking for 2-4 hours
Foliar -2-2.5 l / ha per 800 l of water or root - 3-3.5 l / ha
From bud burst to flowering
After flowering
Before pouring berries
Sweet cherries, plums, cherries, peaches, apricots, apples, pears Processing of seedlings 0.5 l / 50 l of water soaking
for 2-4 hours
foliar -2-2.5 l / ha
for 800 liters of water or
root - 3-3, 5 l / ha
Before budding
Before flowering
Fruit formation
Strawberries, strawberries, currants, raspberries Soaking the root system of seedlings, seedlings 0.5 l / 50 l soaking water
within 2-4 hours
Foliar -2-2.5 l / ha for 800 l of water
or root - 3-3.5 l / ha (UnicumBact)
Flowers Root fertilization of indoor, balcony and garden flowers. Vegetation period 2-3 times a month (stimulation of rooting) 100ml per 10l of water
Foliar spraying of indoor, balcony and garden flowers. Vegetation period 1-2 times a month (development of shoots)

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